Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 New music - Ballade pour Paris

Ballade pour Paris (The sailing song / Contemplation by the sea)

isisip: Travel to another world with my new original song "Ballade pour Paris". Sailing out to the sea or going on cruises, how about a flight to Paris? :)
18 different versions of this musical piece are included on my new 2011 music album "Ballade pour Paris". This is great music for relaxing no matter where you are, hope you enjoy :)

This song is very deep and emotional, there is a kind of sadness, and then it turns into something bright and beautiful.

Also, the music creates such romantic feel and mood, I can think of candlelit dinners, roses, weddings, valentine's day, European style buildings, royal palaces, fireworks, and of course, the city of romance - Paris.

For busy people living in the cities, it is very important to find ways to relax, to find peace inside, and to clean our hearts and souls. It is a great idea to light up a few scented candles and enjoy this music now!

1. Hall grand piano  3:23
2. Grand piano  3:24
3. Hall ballad piano  3:23
4. Ballad piano  3:24
5. Nice piano  3:22
6. Nice piano and strings (stereo effect)  3:26
7. Nice piano and strings  3:26
8. Harp  3:24
9. Bells and steel guitar  3:20
10. Music box  3:22
11. Harp with ocean sound  3:35
12. Bells and steel guitar with ocean sound mix one  3:35
13. Bells and steel guitar with ocean sound mix two  3:35
14. Bells and steel guitar with ocean sound mix three  3:35
15. Hall grand piano with ocean sound  3:35
16. Nice piano and strings with ocean sound  3:35
17. Nice piano with ocean sound  3:35
18. Computer piano  3:22

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